Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Homeless kitties need a good home.

So a few weeks ago, a beautiful long-haired tortoise-shell cat started hanging around the house.  She wasn't feral, likes to be picked up and petted and etc.  One day I noticed, "she's getting fat".  Then I thought, "No, I bet she's pregnant."  The next day, I opened the door and she ran in quick like a flash and disappeared.  We couldn't find her anywhere, although admittedly my house has a lot of places where a cat could hide.  I had about decided that she had gone out side, when a few hours later I heard the cry of a kitten.  Then another, and another, and another, and so it came to pass that we acquired a litter of 5 adorable kittens and her mother.  After about a week, she moved them outside through an open window.  We are keeping two of the kittens, as our two cats are fairly elderly.  So we have 3 extra kitties who are at their Most Cute stage, that need a home, and we'd like to find ahome for the Momma too.  My existing cats seem to tolerate the kittens fine, but they don't like Momma.

The kittens are not feral either.  We've been playing with them and petting them and feeding them.  They are weaned although they still grab some of Momma's milk whenever they can, she is however cutting them off pretty quick these days.

The black kitty is female, one of the greys is male, the other female.  Both of the greys have a bit of the tortoise-shell pattern/colors.

Anyway, here are their pictures.  If you would like to give one (or all!) of these adorable kitties a good home, let me know at bwaldrop@cox.net .

Kitty the Mother

Kitty the First

Kitty the Second

Kitty the Third

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