Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Highlights of the September food coop board meeting

Since it takes a while for the minutes to circulate around and be approved and thus published at http://www.oklahomafood.coop/minutes.php , I thought I would send a few unofficial highlights of the September board meeting on Sunday.

(1) Consent docket -- approved (see below).

(2) Producer transparency procedure -- tweaked a bit and approved, it remains voluntary.

(3) Increase share price -- deferred to early next year

(4) Financial report -- lost about $2K in July, mostly due to increased expenses for painting/repair at op center. July sales were $64,245, up 16.7% over July 2009; Unofficial August sales were $72.261, an increase of about 12% over July 2010.

(5) Management boundaries tweaked a bit, Delivery Day floor manager changed to Delivery Day manager and elevated to senior management, reporting directly to the board.

(6) On farm processed poultry; pending a revision of the standards, producers are allowed to sell on farm processed through the coop provided they contact each member who orders from them before the order closes to explain the alternative delivery arrangements (i.e., such products will not be delivered via the regular coop system).

The consent docket for this meeting consisted of:

(1) accepting new members and issuing stock for them.
(2) Authorizing funds for website redesign.
(3) approval of the minutes of the previous meeting.
(4) Authorize the activation of the Audit Committe, which means the president would appoint members of an Audit Committee to start the process of getting us ready for an audit.) Call for 5 volunteers.
(5) Authorize signing up for officers and directors/errors and omissions insurance for the coop.
(6) Appoint a committee consisting of Dawn Mahiya (Pres), Chelsey Simpson (VP for Customers), Leah Aufil (member of the board) and Bob Waldrop (member of the Board) to review the 6 month performance of the General Operations Manager.

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