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Ye Olde Bon Appetitin' Oklavore Gift Guide Part the Third -- the IN BETWEENS

It's been an exciting two days at the Ye Olde Bon Appetitin' Oklavore Holiday Shopping Shop.  We toured the Stocking Stufferings Department (the $5 and unders), and visited the Extravagants (the $50 and ups), now we turn our attention to the IN-BETWEENS -- gifts between $5.01 and $49.99.  This is the largest section, and as I stand here at the front door, I am wondering how I can ever adequately describe the rich diversity of items available this month.  Well, when in doubt, just dive in I say and start writing.  You can always revise it later.

How about a live plant?  That's a gift that keeps giving.
  • Crestview has certified organic rosemary plants in 6 inch pots for $10.50.  Keep it in a sunny window this winter, plant it out in the spring or keep it as a house plant. They also have hanging baskets at $10 - $15.
  • Skyridge has really clever ivy topiaries at $15.  A topiary is a plant trained/trimmed to a particular shape.
  • Renricks has pansies by the flat for $17. There are 18 in a flat and you can mix and match. Brighten up your yard during the winter and don't forget that pansy flowers are edible. So you can decorate your winter casseroles and root salads with pansy flowers. Taste and beauty!
The Men's Apparel Department is nicely stocked.
  • A Little Hippy Shop has Grill Daddy aprons, hemp wrist bands, a patriotic peace T-shirt, "Real Men Recycle" t-shirts made from recycled cotton in various designs,
  • Quentin at Crosstimbers is making paracord wrist bands in several colors for $7 (and the profits go towards his "Buy a Horse" fund).
  • Fluffy's Compleat Boutique has men's socks, in size 11-13, in your choice of colors, a tie-dyed long-sleeve t-shirt, a variety of short-sleeved tie-dyed t-shirts,
You can spend quite a bit of time shopping the Women's Apparel.
  • A Little Hippy Shop has hippy headbands for $8, bottle cap necklace and ear ring sets at $12.00, peace tees with rhinestones at $22, recycled cotton t-shirts at $18 (various designs),
  • Fluffy's Compleat Boutique has women's socks for $8, a tie-dyed Fairy Dress at $30, batik scarves at $18 -  $21, a variety of styles and shapes of tie-dyed women's shirts from $15 to $25, tie-dyed t-shirts at $15,
  • The Chartreuse Lily has some really charming make-up bags at $8, zippered pouches (almost 9 inches long) at $9.95, wristlet clutches with beaded zippered pull that matches the fabric at $14.50, tissue pack covers at $5.50,
  • Quentin of Crosstimbers paracord wrist bands are for women too!  In several colors at $7.
  • The Rowdy Stickhorse has cleverly designed crochet hooded scarves at $25. These will keep your head, neck, and ears warm and cozy without messing with the hair.
  • 708 Cupcake Lane has totes made from upcycled t-shirts, at $7. 
  • Honeysuckle Hollow has Toasty Toes Innersoles made from wool felt. They fit into your shoes under your socks and help keep your feet warm on these cold days.
The Art Department is another are with enormous variety --
  • Guided by the Light has matted prints starting at $25. 
  • Happy Rabbit Acres/Main Street Photo-Video has matted prints at $20, and a dairy goat magnet set at $9.99. 
  • Renricks has matted prints at $20. They can also turn any of their greeting cards into matted prints upon request.
  • Winning Photography Solutions has unique dried flower art, framed. Each item is original and unique and they dry the flowers themselves, the old fashioned way, between the pages of books. They also have prints at $10, with and without matts.
  • Joe de Dee is offering water-color portraits hand-drawn by her daughter Jessica. The portraits are drawn from photographs that you submit.
  • A Little Hippy Shop has photo prints in black plastic frames with glass for $30, and matted prints at $15. 
Is there someone with a baby on your gift-giving list?  We can help with that decision in the Baby Department!
  • Shady Oaks Family Farm has girls' car seat covers, at $25 and diaper cakes (decorated displays of diapers)
  • Rowdy Stickhorse has Little Britches herbal baths at $10.99,
  • Soy Candle Cottage has natural baby lotion at $10, and a Baby Shower Basket for $20 that contains a variety of products for baby.
  • A Little Hippy Shop has cute infant t-shirts for $12.
  • Fluffy's Compleat Boutique has very nice tie-dyed infant t-shirts at $13.
  • 708 Cupcake Lane has elegant decorated diaper cakes at $45, whose decorations can be customized to your desires.
Bath and Beauty? We got what you want and need. Our artisanal body care and bath products are among our greatest values.
  • Clear Creek Lavender has lavender bath salts at $6, tins of lavender shea butter at $10,
  • Laughing Rabbit is offering their sea salt blend bath salts at $7, emu hand and body balm at $10.50 - 20, 
  • Medicine Women Soap is offering several blends of bath salts made with Dead Sea salt from the Holy Lands blended with various essential oils, at $15.49.
  • Rowdy Stickhorse has herbal body polish at $12.99, bath salts and scrubs between $5.99 and $10.99, herbal deodorants at $5.99, lavender and rose waters at $5.99 - $10.99, foot butters and shoe treatments for $5.99 - $9.99, shampoo bars at $5.99, bath teas at $5.99, Buckaroo Balm at $5.99 - $10.99, Paulette's FAMOUS Cowgirls and Roses creme for $5.99 - $10.99, after shave lotion at $10, shaving soap bar $5.99, sunscreen at $7.99, face masks at $10.99, a variety of soaps at $5.99,
  • Soy Candle Cottage has a "Bag for Dads" for $19, which contains a nice selection of items for men, bottles of Fisherman's Soy Lotion for $10 and Golfers Soy Lotion at $8, soy hand lotion for men for $5.50 - $10, foot creams at $10 - $15, cuticle candles at $6, additional soy lotions at $10, face cremes at $15,
  • Earth Elements has Mint Toothpowder for $5.50,
  • Crosstimbers has various foot lotions for $5 - $10, body lotions at $10, goat's milk lotions at $10,
  • Honeysuckle Hollow has their hand-made "Foot Fishies", exfoliating stoneware.
  • Joi de Dee has cosmetics, yes, Oklahoma-made mineral make-up at $5 to $25.
  • Laughing Rabbit has a grab bag of miscellaneous soap items for $12.50.
  • Medicine Women Soaps has a variety of their soaps priced starting at $10.99.
  • Heaven Sent Food and Fiber has Felted Goats Milk Soap Bars at $8.  These are bars of soap enclosed in alpaca wool felt, for an elegant bathing experience.
The Book Department is stocked with useful reading for your Oklavore Experience.
  • Aunt Purple's Cooking has five cookbooks featuring easy and tasty recipes for your family. 
  • Lost Creek Mushroom Farms has a Shitaake Sampler Cookbook.
  • High Tides and Green Fields is offering their book Cattle Panel Hoop House Construction, includes source lists for materials, construction detail drawings and photos, suggested reading and website sources, suggested crops for winter production. The materials look at natural insulation, double covers, ventilation, watering, and the challenges of Oklahoma weather.
  • Prairie Rose Permaculture (that's me, folks) is offering copies of the permaculture design for my home, Gatewood Urban Homestead, which is a guide to home adaptation that meets the looming realities of peak oil, economic irrationality, and climate instability. Smart adaptations now will save you much money and inconvenience later.  Offered as a CD or as a PDF by email.
The Children's Department is stocked with items for kids of all ages.
  • A Little Hippie Shop has children's and youth t-shirts, at $15, 
  • Fluffy's Compleat Boutique has a variety of children's and teen tie dyed shirts, at $15/
  • The Chartreuse Lily has a variety of headbands at $8,
  • You can display your kid's art work on your refrigerator with Happy Rabbit Acres magnet sets from $9.99 to $25.
In our Department of Classes. . . 
  • Shepherd's Cross is offering a variety of fabric arts classes for $15 - $30 each. 
  • Once Upon a Silver Moon has an incense-making class at $25. 
Fabric Arts:
  • Honeysuckle Hollow has a great gift for those who sew -- hand-felted pincushion orbs at $10.
  • Shepherd's Cross is offering drop spindles at $10 for spinning yarn, rovings and carded batts for $7 to $12 (alpaca/llama), skeins of yarn at $16.
  • Heaven Sent Food and Fiber has two sizes of drop spindles, from $15 to $19.50, hand-painted roving balls for $12.50, skeins of yarn for $15 to $30, featuring a variety of fibers,

Health Department
  • Rowdy Stickhorse has Melancholy Magic, an aromatherapy product to lift your spirits, at $5.99 - $10.99, tooth powder at $5.99, herbal dream pillows at $10.99, herbal heat pillow at $20.99,  Mexican Mustang Liniment at $10.99, insect repellant at $5.99 - $10.99, and for $7 - $13,
  • Soy Candle Cottage has Gardener's Lotion at $10,

In the Holiday Gift Department --
  • Rowdy Stickhorse can put one of their appropriately priced items on crinkle paper in a cellophane bag with a bow and tag, priced from $7 to $13.
  • Guided by the Light has sets of Christmas cards from $10,
  • Happy  Rabbit Acres has sets of Christmas cards from $12.50
  • Winning Photography Solutions has sets of Christmas cards from $10.
  • Country to Town Market has a holiday gift basket of their Homestyle Jam, at $18.
  • The Oscar Romero Catholic Worker House has CD's of piano improvisations on the music of Advent, Nativity and Epiphany, performed by Bob Waldrop, and recorded live on the Yamaha conservatory grand piano at Epiphany Church. Proceeds benefit our ministry of delivering food to low income people who don't have transportation. $15 each or $50 for 5 or $35 for 3.
  • Snider Farms has festive gift packs and tins of peanuts from $6.50 on up.
  • Rachel's Homestead Creations has home-made Candy wreaths, priced $20-25. 
  • Bohemia has gift packs of their signature Miss Terri's Almond Dark Chocolate confection at $32.
  • A Little Hippy Shop has crocheted stockings for $16. 
Home Care
  • Crosstimber Farms has Ethans Should-Be-Famous brooms, made by Ethan Lusby.  These are hand-made functional brooms in traditional styles, use them as a broom -- or -- use them as a elegant colonial accent decoration. Priced from $14 to $20, made with broomcorn (Oklahoma was once a leading state for broomcorn production).
  • Rowdy Stickhorse has an anti-bacterial spray at $8, Country Clean concentrate at $20, 
  • Shepherd's Cross has wool dusters at $12 - $17. 
  • The Chartreuse Lily is making refills for the Swiffer duster products at $8, a variety of stoneware clay spoon rests for $8,
  • Honeysuckle Hollow is offering their handmade stoneware bread warmer stone for $6, a set of 3 reusable wool dryer balls for $15 -- these are an alternative to commercial dryer sheets,
  • Once Upon a Silver Moon has a set of 3 moth repelling sachets for $12,
I guess we'll have a part 4 on Thursday morning since I am out of time for today.  Tomorrow we'll start with Jewelry and move on through Scented Home and Food Items.

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