Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Down to the wire on the July order.

Nice rain today in Okie City, caught me with clothes hanging out on the line, lol. By the time I noticed it was raining, it was too late to dash to the line. Oh well, they just got an extra rinse with pure rainwater. It's been so long since it rained I had almost forgotten what it was like to see water falling from the sky.

We are down to the wire on the July order, which closes tomorrow evening at midnight.

I still see LOTS of onions available. Now is the time to remember one of the first principles of Oklavorism: buy when available and store for eating later. In other words, probably in January there won't be any onions for sale through the coop. But if you buy onions now, you could be eating local onions in January 2012. Of all the vegetables, onions are among the "best keepers". Onions are among the most healthy and nutritious of vegies, low in carbs and calories.

I also see potatoes, summer squash, and eggs and red and green tomatoes still available.

As to recipes for onions. . . check out our new online forum at http://www.oklahomafood.coop/smf . You can remember its location by noting that “smf” is an acronym for “Sell More Food”. (Hat tip to Lisa Weissenbuhler who told me that.) You have to register to post, but it's not hard. Add your favorite recipe in the recipe section. We often think of onions as an ingredient in various prepared dishes, and not about how the onion can be a star of the feast. But just google “onion pie”, and you will find about a million recipes, and then there is also French onion soup. Make that with some home-made stock using soup bones from the coop.

And the meat counter is well stocked, as is everything else, pretty much.

Don't forget to get some of our artisanal soaps. If you've never tried them, just buy one bar this month and check out this great luxury product at a working class price. You'll be surprised at superior quality of the product and also at how much "wash" you get out of one bar. If there was a way to compare bars of soap in terms of "number of washes", there is no doubt that our locally made artisanal soaps would win that battle hands down, which makes them a much better value than the cheap soaps that are loaded down with chemicals that are typically available in the big box stores. Don't delay, order today!

I hope people will take advantage of our new online forum for discussions. Besides recipes, there is a thread on the coop’s new strategic plan, which provides a place to make suggestions and discuss the plan.

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  1. Here is a great recipe for when you have extra onions.